Subrahmanyam Distinguished Lecture

When I was given the image for this poster, selected by the lecturer, Professor Sanjay Subrahmanyam of UCLA, I immediately felt like it needed some color. In its original form it was a black and white image taken from an early modern printed book–a typical woodcut. I loaded the image into GIMP, and got to work. I wanted to keep the color palette of the poster streamlined, however, so I chose just three colors that I thought would work together and which would complement a warm-toned background color. I also wanted to make the original format of the image, a black-and-white woodcut, evident to the viewer. I selected just a few parts of the image to fill with color, and then cropped it down to just the image in the frame. When selecting a font for the title and accompanying text, I wanted to use a serif that mirrored the kinds of traditional Roman typeface used in early modern print. And voilá! A citoyen dy Monde.


11 x 17″ poster created with GIMP and Scribus.

Subrahmanyam Poster design

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