2017 RCHA Seminar on Black Bodies

The focus of this two-year seminar at the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis is “Black Bodies.” To reflect this theme, the directors of the seminar chose an image of a monument to the emancipation of enslaved peoples in Curacao from Flickr. Using GIMP, I removed much of the background from that image and blurred what remained so that the figures in the foreground would stand out. I then created a logo with the title of the seminar which can be scaled for use in print graphics over the course of the seminar’s two year run.

I chose semi-transparency for the word “bodies” because it allows a viewer to see the actual “black bodies” through the text. This visual mirrors the aim of the seminar: that scholars use their words in an effort to focus on corporeality and physicality as a critical node of historical inquiry. Read more about the seminar here.

Black Bodies RCHA Wesbite Banner

980 x 320 px, created with GIMP.

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